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The traditional art of making genuine Moroccan jewelry

Moroccan jewelry is typically characterized by its intricate designs and use of vibrant colors. Many pieces feature traditional motifs such as geometric patterns and Arabic calligraphy, and are often made from a variety of materials including silver, brass, and enamel. Some common types of Moroccan jewelry include Berber jewelry, filigree jewelry, and traditional tribal jewelry. These pieces often have a unique, bohemian aesthetic and are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Moroccan organic natural cosmetics and beauty treatments

Moroccan women have long respected and adhered to ancestral beauty traditions, relying on natural herbs, oils, and extracts known for their health and beauty properties. They traditionally use natural ingredients for their skincare routine such as argan and prickly pear seed oil. Henna, rose, and lavender for hair care. Moroccan women use natural ingredients to make their own beauty products, and avoid chemical-laden commercial products. They also rely on traditional beauty treatments such as the hammam, a steam bath ritual using
* Black Soap a natural vegetable paste based with olives rich in vitamin E. Kessa Glove, traditionally used as body scrub to remove the skin’s dead cells in the Hammam. Kessa glove is better used with Moroccan black soap.
* Rhassoul clay as a mask to detoxify skin and to wash their hair. Green clay is another amazing mask that deep cleans and absorbs excess oils from your skin. These clay exfoliate, revitalize and improve the quality of skin and hair.
* Moroccan women use fresh rose petals from the Moroccan Atlas Roses Valley to create a number of beauty products including rose water. Due to its inflammatory properties, "rose water is used to remove makeup and to calm irritated skin.
* Aker Fassi / Red Poppy Powder 100% Natural, Aker fassi is a natural product. It’s made from poppy powder and naturally dried pomegranate rind. This powder is then used by Moroccan women for makeup and hair care.
These natural beauty practices have been passed down through generations, and are still widely used today, providing an effective and healthy alternative to modern, commercial beauty products.

Feel comfortable and have fun

Style and fashion

Men djellaba

Long loose outfit with long sleeves and hood. Can be worn for a variety of occasions, from formal events to everyday wear.

Men slippers

Add a touch of exotic elegance to your shoe collection, Step into a piece of Moroccan culture with these slippers

Women kaftan

Style and comfort choose from a variety of Kaftans  in different styles, fabrics and colors.

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Jessica Dubeau
Local Guide·20 reviews
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I shopped here years ago and loved it. I stopped by again after so many years and it’s still the way I remember. Excellent products and friendly customer service. Thank you!
Adnane Bennani
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I buy a lot of craft items for my home. Khaled (the owner of the Marrakech Store) was the most attentive I have ever known. Top product and service. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.
Millie Malde
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Absolutely amazing service. We ordered by phone to be shipped to the US and everything went very well. From choosing the items to purchase all the way to delivery updates, the service was excellent. Items were very well packed and arrived in excellent condition. The person we dealt with was extremely helpful.
Chef Menajem Peretz
Local Guide·599 reviews
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Shopping for Moroccan theme gift, this was for far the most price affordable and good selection, but above all after visiting a store on the same street, was the customer service and the no pushing sales by the owner that dedicated all the time that I need it to choose.
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wonderful and vibrant store. the owner is super kind and welcoming. I’ve recommended it to everyone close to me. if I could give 10 stars, i would.



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