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Moroccan decor & Moroccan beauty products

Behind each product there is a story, tradition, passion, dedication, ideas and lives. You will find out where the products come from and learn about their creators.

Le Marrakech Store brings Hand made exquisite crafts from artisans to you. The idea started, 20 years ago, when we were developing ethical handmade items. In the small villages and cities, we admire people, their passion and creativity. We got to know the skilful work of the local artisans and fell in love with it. The idea was to help them by introducing the world to their unique creations.

 Artisans learn the craft from their fathers and their business is typically family-owned. These artisans are a young, talented craftsman’s who started at the young age and loved making these items. This was a way to help out their fathers.

Now, 2020, we work with a community of friend’s artisans. Our mission is helping the following group of people who believed in us and collaborated with their work, ideas and support. They also are part of the Le Marrakech Store. We deal in a Fair Trade practice and contribute with the local community, as best as we can.

 If you are looking for quality of Moroccan furniture, come to visit our Moroccan store or our website and browse our hand crafted collection. you have a precious tool to bring a touch of Morocco in your home.

whether you’re thinking about decorating a new house or redecorating your existing home, perhaps with Moroccan have come to the right place! Discover  for yourself  how Le Marrakech Store make beauty and elegance affordable for your home.

Add a touch of charm to your living space with our Moroccan decor and feel as if you are in Moroccan Riad.

Offering a best quality of Moroccan furniture and home accents , each piece is unique and made entirely by hand.


Take a look at a wide variety of Moroccan lanterns lamps and sconces, tajine, poofs, pillows, table, kilim rug, mirror, Berber jewelry, bags and purses Moroccan scarves, Moroccan tea glasses, teapot and tray, slippers, Moroccan djellaba, tunic and Fez hat......

you will find necessarily the idea to add an Moroccan article to your room.

It is impossible to present all of them here. If you are looking for something special, inform us and we shall make the necessary.

We also carry a line of Organic Beauty Products: Discover our cosmetics and skin care range made from ARGAN OIL.

Click on the " Moroccan Beauty Products" link in the menu on the left to see the full range of our organic oriental products as well as culinary argan oil.

In 2000, we opened our Moroccan store in Montreal (Quebec) Canada, we want to give Canadians this space of discovery.

We are pleased and proud to have been featured in the following TELEVISION, MEDIA and PRINT PUBLICATIONS:



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COOKIEMAG | August 2007


Check on about us page on our website for more information.


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