Moroccan Kilim - Moroccan Runner Rug - Kilim runner - Berber kilim - kilim rug

Item#: TLS01

Moroccan women weavers, with great creativity and interpret the motifs according to their own ideas. The rug has unique designs with Berber symbols giving the composition a decorative feel. This multi colored Berber Kilim rug features a great variety of traditional geometric motifs and designs. This Moroccan area rug will be an eye-catching accent piece in your home. This Moroccan Berber kilim Rug is 100% hand woven wool and dyed with vegetable colors. It is a beautiful Berber tribal rug. In a handmade rug, the “fringe” is on one side, and is an integral part of the rug, rather than an applied ornamentation. The rug will add an ethnic decorative accent and rich colors to your home. Functional works of art in your home that you can use and enjoy for years.

L= 9f 8 in W= 31 in

Price $: 650

Availability : In stock

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