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 Moroccan kohl powder and kohl bottle | Aker Fassi | Rose water



Moroccan kohl powder

Originally used to protect the eyes of women and men against wind and sand, this small powder quickly became a beauty accessory.

Moroccan kohl  whose color varies from deep black through anthracite gray is obtained by crushing antimony, a mineral extracted from the mountainous rocks of the atlas that is heavily heated. Once it has been ground it adds multiple components (dates and olives pits, rose petals and clous de girofle).

The whole reduced to very fine powder, in a copper pestle. A few drops of olive oil are added at the end of the preparation before being sieved.

This Moroccan product is known for its virtues like the rapid growth of lashes and its benefits against irritations and redness of the eyes.


Turn the applicator into the bottle, take it out and tap it to remove excess powder. Slip it at the level of the eyelashes between the joined eyelids. Move back and forth to place the kohl on the bottom and top of the eyelid. Remove the mirwed (applicator) by sliding it out of the eye.


Price $15Sold

Aker fassi 10g - Ľoz

Traditionally used in in North Africa and especially Morocco Morocco, the Aker fassi is a natural product. It is made from poppy powder and naturally dried pomegranate rind. This powder is then used for a makeup and hair care 100% natural.

Its properties

- Poppy petals are rich in active ingredients, which provide moisturizing, softening and anti-wrinkle properties. - Aker Fassi also has antioxidant properties calming and soothing estates because it contains flavonoids, and alkaloids.

It can be used

For hair care

The aker fassi, mixed with henna, will make your hair softer, and you will have more red highlights.

For a natural makeup, as blusher and lipstick

- The aker fassi can replace your blush. For easy application, mix a knife tip with your day cream and apply it to the cheeks. Go gradually, until you get the color you want. In addition, it is also an excellent anti-wrinkle product because it contains flavonoids with antioxidant properties

- Aker Fassi can also be used as lipstick because it permanently colors the lips in red. Do not put aker fassi on chapped lips, because the color penetrated deeply and you may have a hard time making it go away. Avoid applying lip balm before applying because the pigments will not set.

To apply it, rub your wet finger, a cotton swab or a wet brush on the powder. Then color your lips by ironing several times to intensify the hue. For a glamorous and glossy effect, you can finish your makeup with a little gloss on the lips.

For body care

If mixed with Rhassoul clay which enhances the skin clarity and elasticity, Aker Fassi gives a natural brightened complexion and soft skin. Added in very small quantities to a body cream. Thwe Aker fassi gives a natural halted effect.


Prix $25

Moroccan kohl bottle

Kohl bottle in carved lemon wood, composed of two parts for a simple and practical filling. Very practical to fill and use

With its thin and smooth stick applicator called "mirwed".

t keeps kohl powder dry, the basic element of female makeup.

Prix $15


Moroccan kohl container

The bottle is made of glass and silver metal. The applicator is made of wood.

Prix $19

Moroccan rose water -Rose water -Rose water organic

100% natural organic Moroccan rose water

The rose water has many known benefits

One ingredient only : rose of Kelaat M'Gouna Valley Morocco

This floral water contains vitamins

The rose water is used both for the skin to the hair and is suitable for all skin types

Rose Water Benefits: From Antioxidants To Anti-Aging

-Astringent, it tones the skin.

-Anti-wrinkle, it helps to regenerate the skin and prevent the effects of aging.

-Refreshing, it soothes redness and calms allergic reactions.

-Its powerful, fresh and subtle scent brings a sweet smell the aroma of roses to your homemade cosmetics.

Here are a few of the uses:

 Spray on cotton pad to remove dirt and makeup.

- Spray on the skin of your face and neck after cleaning.

- Then apply your cream or care oil immediately on wet skin.

- Mix Rose Water into your Rhassoul clay instead of water to create a deep cleansing and pore tightening mask.

- Incorporated into your home-made cosmetic formulas, it is ideal for a beautifully scented homemade cosmetics.

- Mix Rose Water into your Henna. .

Price $9-$15

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