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Moroccan cooking tajine | The Moroccan Tajine | Moroccan cooking Pot Tajine | Moroccan tajine pot | Moroccan tajine | Tagine for cooking | Moroccan Terracotta small brazier | Small clay brazier | Moroccan majmar | Majmar | Charcoal brazier | Unglazed clay cookware | Unglazed tajine | Unglazed terracotta tajine

Cooking tajine: Our cooking tagines are food safe, and made with glazing to meet Canada standards for lead content.

Instructions before using a cooking tagine for the first time: follow these simple instructions below for maximum results:

*The new Cooking tagine needs to be first submerged in water for at least 3 hours.

*Rub the inside of the base and lid with olive oil.

*While the tagine is still wet with the oil applied to it, place it in the oven and set temperature at 350 F and leave for 30 minutes.

Use a cooking tagine in a slow oven (350 F is the maximum you should use) or place it on a gas or electric stove top. Use the lowest heat necessary to keep the stew simmering gently.

A diffuser – a circular piece of aluminum placed between the tagine and burner – is highly recommended ( if you have ceramic or glass topped stove ) to buffer and more evenly distribute the stove's heat. Ceramic or glass cook tops tend to be faster and higher heat. The tajine can crack if used over sudden or too high a heat

As long as you cook on low heat our cooking tagines do not need a diffuser. Cooking tagines are primarily used to slow-cook savory stews and vegetable dishes. Because the domed or cone-shaped lid of the tagine traps steam and returns the condensed liquid to the pot, a minimal amount of water is needed to cook meats and vegetables to buttery-tenderness.

Cooking tajine cleaning: It is recommended that you hand wash your cooking tagine.

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Price 65  W = 12"

Price 85  W = 14"

Price 45  W = 10"

Price 105 W = 15.5"

Price 85  W = 14"Sold

Price 65  W = 12"Sold

Price $15 H=4" W=5.5"

Price 45  W = 10"Sold

Price 65  W = 12"



Price 85  W = 14"




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