Moroccan kilim rug -Berber kilim-Moroccan Berber kilim rug-Moroccan berber kilim


Moroccan women weavers, with great creativity and interpret the motifs according to their own ideas. The rug has unique designs with Berber symbols giving the composition a decorative feel.

A Moroccan Berber kilim Rug made of sabra silk ,100% vegetable silk blend of extracted filaments from the aloe cactus grown in Morocco. Once the Cactus plant is collected from the long agave plants, the long spiky leaves are crushed and the fibres washed and hammered, then the leaves are soaked in water to separate the fibres & filaments and then these are spun and woven to make "silk thread" which are then dyed in different colors.

The textile produced makes Sabra-Silk. Sabra silk is lightweight and highly durable, making it perfect for a high traffic room or a wall hanging. - durable flat weave threads are woven at one end, fringed at the other.

The back is entirely different than the front, the cactus silk treads are cut.

The rug will add an ethnic decorative accent and rich colors to your home. Functional works of art in your home that you can use and enjoy for years. Dry clean. Use this beautiful Berber Rug as an area rug. These pieces would be especially nice on the wall or draped over a piece of furniture

L= 4f 1in W= 27.51in

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