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This wonderful Moroccan throw blanket is made from Cactus Silk the natural vegetable fibers found in the long agave cactus. Confusingly, even though it is often called an “agave cactus” it is actually not a cactus, but rather just a plant that belongs to the subfamily Agavoideae.

The process for making Sabra Silk has been the same for centuries. Breaking open the cactus, the fibers can be accessed. The spiky leaves are crushed and soaked in water to separate the fibers and filaments, then they are washed and dried and spun to make silk threads.

It is traditional to keep the fabric as natural as possible, so many producers will only ever dye cactus silk with natural vegetable dyes. This process can take a long time, but when it is completed the colours are incredibly vibrant and beautiful – and the dye has not damaged the vegetable fibers at all.

When the fibers have been dyed and dried, they are then woven on looms. This is a highly specialised skill, and something that should really be done by hand if it is going to be done properly. Sometimes it is woven with a contrasting color of chenille or cotton yarn to enhance the natural sheen.

Can be used like bed throw, sofa cover, curtain or table cover. Dry clean, washed at 30c or hand wash.

9' 2" x 6'

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